As it is sometimes impossible to follow markets and/or FinTwit (Finance Twitter) on a daily basis. I decided lately to post a weekly recap of the most interesting, exciting and most debatable charts of my Twitter feed.

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I also recommend you to read the discussions below those charts (just click the link above the chart) which are very educational and entertaining, thank you very much for your contribution! Enjoy!

1. Credit card delinquencies past due by 90 days or more and auto loan delinquencies past due by 90 days or more are grinding higher.

2. Tesla market capitalization has become more valuable US carmaker ever, even exceeding Ford's market capitalization from the late 1990s'.

3. Is the United States stock market correction imminent or "Don't fight the Fed" still in the works?

4. World Bank increased global GDP growth forecast to 2.5% in 2020, expecting modest pickup from Post-Crisis low of 2.4% amid Mounting Debt and Slowing Productivity Growth.

5. CEO and Consumer Confidence historic divergence.

6. Central banks are pushing on a string.

7. The Federal Reserve has shrunk its balance sheet last week.

8. Warren Buffett record cash pilling.

9. 20% of all employed people in the United States are 65+ years old.

10. Tesla and Apple rising like crazy.

11. Bonus. Are we living in a Monopoly era?

Which chart do you find the most intriguing or interesting? Drop me a comment.

All the best.