As it is sometimes impossible to follow markets and/or FinTwit (Finance Twitter) on a daily basis. I decided lately to post a weekly recap of the most interesting, exciting and most debatable charts of my Twitter feed.

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I also recommend you to read the discussions below those charts (just click the link above the chart) which are very educational and entertaining, thank you very much for your contribution! Enjoy!

1. More than 10% drop in the European stock markets on Monday, quickest bear market (more than 20% drop) ever, just 13 days.

2. Fear and greed index has dropped to extremely low levels.

3. Vix (fear) index on Monday has reached levels not seen since the Great Financial Crisis. On Thursday it has even reached 75 points.

4. Long-term US bonds spiking like Tesla's shares.

5. More than 30% drop in crude oil on Monday, second biggest ever.

6. On Thursday, the market has been pricing more than a 90% probability (now 68%) that the Fed will cut interest rates to zero.

7. Italy's coronavirus cases going up exponentially (chart from Wednesday), now more than 14,000.

8. Black Thursday on the stock markets. The S&P 500 ended the day 9.51% lower, fifth biggest daily plunge ever.

9. The fastest bear market in the history of the S&P 500.

10. Australian stocks recorded more than 10% move during one trading session, highest ever.

11. Why the Fed is pumping trillions of dollars to the financial system.

12. Wild Friday on the Stock Market, Nasdaq gained more than 10%.

13. The Federal's reserve balance sheet is spiking again.

These charts show that we are living in an unprecedented times. Thanks for following.