As it is sometimes impossible to follow markets and/or FinTwit (Finance Twitter) on a daily basis. I decided lately to post a weekly recap of the most interesting, exciting and most debatable charts of my Twitter feed. These charts also summarize the recent developments in the financial markets.

Here is the link to the previous series:

I also recommend you to read the discussions below those charts (just click the link above the chart) which are very educational and entertaining, thank you very much for your contribution!

1. Value of Global bonds has dropped by almost $5 trillion in two weeks

2. Total US Stock Market Capitalization to GDP has dramatically plunged over the last month

3. Corporates' executives are buying stocks, but there may be many reasons behind that, not only a bargain

4. Heading into the worst economic quarter in the US history

5. Gold price rally after 2008 massive asset purchases announcement by the Fed

6. Will the Unemployment rate in the US reach 30% in the second quarter?

7. Roughly 3.3 million people in the United States lost their jobs in one week (as of March 23).

8. Market reaction after the US Jobless claims announcement. Anticipation for more money injections and interventions?

9. The Federal Reserve's total value of assets on its balance sheet has reached a new all-time high, $5.25 trillion

10. The Federal Reserve's balance sheet has increased by $942 billion, the highest two-week increase ever

11. Nearly 70% of Americans have less than $1000 in their savings accounts.

These charts show that we are living in unprecedented times. Thanks for following.


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