As it is sometimes impossible to follow markets and/or FinTwit (Finance Twitter) on a daily basis. I decided lately to post a weekly recap of the most interesting, exciting, and most debatable charts of my Twitter feed. These charts also summarize the recent developments in the financial markets.

Here is the link to the previous series:

I also recommend you to read the discussions below those charts (just click the link above the chart) which are very educational and entertaining, thank you very much for your contribution!

1. Bank of Japan's balance sheet to GDP ratio has reached more than 111%, counterparts in the US, EU, and the UK recorded 29%, 44%, and 22% respectively.

2. Zombie (unproductive) companies are a big problem for economic recovery.

3. The Federal Reserve's balance sheet has reached a new record, $6.66 trillion.

4. US Economic Surprise index at its lowest levels since 2008.

5. More than 30 million people lost their jobs in the United States over the last 6 weeks.

6. No signs of the recovery for the US air traffic.

7. U.S. savings rate jumps to the highest level in 39 years.

8. The S&P 500 has experienced the third-best month since World War II

9. Will the Consumer catch up to the S&P 500 or the opposite happens?

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