My name is Sebastian Sienkiewicz and I am the founder of Seb Investment Research. I am conducting a weekly market letter about macroeconomic developments as well as different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, precious metals, commodities, and currencies. You can find an example of such a report HERE  and HERE.

The cost of the subscription is 11 USD per month and you get roughly 50 pages of content during this time.

Subscribers are coming from different backgrounds and industries. The letter is useful for investors, students, financial journalists, market watchers, and even investment funds. I am also in email contact with many of them on a regular basis.

I send the reports either on Sundays or Mondays VIA EMAIL, at the latest before the US Stock Market open.

Drop me a message on Twitter or on my email providing your email address after you paid that I will be able to send you the reports every week.

In addition to market letters, I am conducting analyses of individual companies at the client's request. An example of such a report is under this LINK
Don't get this report as a rigid template. In many cases, you will not need such a complex analysis. It just shows a different variety of skills I acquired during my career.
You can contact me via email to find out more:

Bellow you can see front pages of the very first and eight reports.